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I Will Find The Best Mortgage Option For You In 24 Hours


You do not pay for my work


I do not impose additional services, products and loans


I will carefully study your situation and only then offer a solution

My mission is to help you on your way to your own home

I will analyze your life situation and prepare options for obtaining a mortgage that is right for you

I will help you fill out an application to the bank, even if you do not understand Czech. I will explain each point Vysvětlím každý bod.

I will honestly tell you what additional costs may be needed so that it does not come as a surprise to you

I will warn you what to look for when buying real estate and signing documents

I will choose the best real estate insurance conditions for you

My name is Světlana Lanza. I am an independent mortgage broker in Prague. I have been working in the financial sector since 2014.

Being engaged in issuing consumer loans, I have heard many stories of people who, due to a lack of knowledge, fell into a financial hole and could not get rid of debt.

A mortgage is a long term commitment. Therefore, it is important to calculate all the risks and find the ideal conditions for you.

I cooperate with 15 banks, regularly undergo training in them and know all their products and novelties. I will select the options that are suitable for your situation so that the mortgage does not become an unbearable burden for the family budget.

I will help you buy real estate in Prague and the Central Bohemian region.

You do not pay for my services

I receive provision from the bank you are contracting with. But don't worry! This will not affect your mortgage in any way. I do not impose additional products or insurance. And I am not offering conditions that are obviously inappropriate for you. My main value is satisfied clients who will be happy to recommend me to friends and acquaintances.

I have recorded a short video message with my principles of work. Watch it, please, so that you can understand right now, whether we will suit each other or not.

You do not need to worry at any stage — I will go with you all the way from choosing a bank to submitting documents for registration of your property


I will analyze your current financial situation and propose an action plan.

Preparation of options for solutions

I'll tell you about each one. I will provide all the necessary information so that you can make your own choice.

Submitting an application to the bank

I will help you draw up an application according to the requirements of a particular bank. I will explain each point in the process.

Consideration of other options

I will help you not to panic, even if the bank has refused you.Together, we will find a new solution.

Buying real estate

I'll tell you what to look for when choosing an apartment and signing documents. I will agree on a convenient time for you to meet and complete the deal.

Preparation of documents for payment

I will make sure that the bank transfers money for the real estate purchase.

Submission of documents to the cadastre

I will help you register your property.

Payment of taxes

I will remind you of the need to pay taxes.

Pokud v jakékoli fázi budeme potřebovat pomoc dalších specialistů, spolupracuji s profesionály – architekty, právníky, geodety.

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See what my clients are writing

"Ms. Lanza represented us in applying for a mortgage. I really appreciate the quick response and clear communication and useful tips on how to get your application approved. I definitely recommend working with Ms. Lanza. A mortgage looks like a scarecrow, but it may not be like that with a good mortgage advisor."
Juraj Páterek
"Thanks to Světlana Lanza, we solved the financing of our housing. It helped us a lot at a time when we were not yet clear about the property and how to finance it. She found the best offer on the market and was very helpful in handling it. She also helped us arrange insurance and set up a healthy life plan. We will use her services in the future as well"
Michal Trnka, Karolína Hubková
"My wife and I reached out to Svetlana after a friend of mine recommended her to us as a financial advisor who could help us with the struggle getting a mortgage. The mortgage process for foreigners seems to be quite laborious, but with Svetlana's help it was a breeze: we had the mortgage approved quite quickly. Svetlana was awesome: she explained in detail all the concepts and process, set the expectations according to current market, followed up with the parties involved, set up the necessary meetings, and showed us all the options along with their pros and cons. Once we chose the option we wanted, she professionally took care of all the process and after few weeks, BOOM, we had the mortgage approved! Without her help, we would still be looking for a mortgage. I would encourage anyone who needs assistance with mortgages or with their financial situation to reach out to Svetlana!"
Esteban Jenkins
"Thanks to Svetlana I managed to get one of my life goals a reality, owning my own property. As a foreigner in Prague not knowing the language 100% is hard to get through contracts, meetings, emails ... making sure I was signing the right thing and getting accurate information about the conditions was key. I completely recommed her, she is going to help with the whole process and always be available in case of any doubts. Thanks Sveta!"
Armando Jaleo

Case studies

A client wants to buy a 2-room or more apartment in the center. The required amount is 6,000,000 CZK.

Bank offer received by the client:

Rate 2.18%, fixed for 5 years, monthly payment: 22,721 CZK. The bank also requires the purchase of compulsory PPI insurance for CZK 2,022. The total monthly payment would be CZK 24,743.

 What I suggested:

  1. Choose fixing for a longer period, due to low interest rates.
  2. Purchase insurance from an insurance company, because in the bank is more expensive and covers fewer possible risks.


We chose another bank. Rate 2.24%, fixed for 10 years, monthly payment CZK 23,000.


1,743 CZK per month, i.e. 20,916 CZK per year.


Mladý manželský pár. Chtějí koupit 2 + 1 v oblasti Prahy 6 co nejdříve. Aktivně se účastní prohlídek. Vlastní zdroje 10 %, práce na dobu určitou. Na základě mzdy je maximální výše hypotéky 5 850 000 Kč.

Bank offer received by the client:

At the time of contacting the banks, the rate is 2.29%, for a period of 30 years, fixation for 8 years. Monthly payment: 22,476 CZK.

What I suggested:

Apply for a pre-approved mortgage now.


The application was submitted in June 2021, and it was approved in September. By this time, clients had already found an apartment. Upon signing the mortgage agreement, we immediately assessed the value of the property.


At the time of the purchase of the apartment, the offered rate increased to 2.94%. Clients in their situation would not be able to get the required amount. Without taking this into account, the monthly payment would have been CZK 24,476, which is CZK 2,000 more. Benefit: 24,000 CZK per year.

Klient chce od developera koupit chatu. Vlastní zdroje 20 %. Výše hypotéky je 2 400 000 Kč.

Bank offer received by the client:

Rate 2.54%, maximum term 24 years 10 months, monthly payment 10,868 CZK.


I found an option with a rate of 2.44% and were able to extend the mortgage for 26 years and 10 months. The monthly payment was 10,207 CZK.


7932 CZK—annual difference in payments—the client saves in order to pay off the mortgage ahead of schedule while at the same time creating a cushion.

I am constantly updating my knowledge so that you can save time and money

Frequently asked Questions

As a rule, there are no additional costs. But if I see in your situation they will be needed, I will always honestly and in advance tell you about them.

Yes, I am fluent in English and will be able to explain to you every clause of the application, contract and insurance.

No. I am not a bank employee and I do not sell banking products. My task is to help you get a mortgage on the best terms.

No. You can purchase insurance from an insurance company. I will help you choose the most profitable one for you.

If you still have questions, please ask them in the form below

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